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Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:19:25 GMT
Jobless Claims, S&P lawsuit - Rumors about Provident; e-Signature News; Lawsuit Update on PHH, Lawsky, Castle & Cooke, and S&P

Posted To: Pipeline Press

As mortgage bankers gear up to see what the Shipping Department dresses up as tomorrow, let's take a quick look at some demographics. There is now a larger cohort of unmarried young adults who are driving the overall homeownership rate down as they are less likely to own a home. The creation of household formations plays an important role in homeownership rates among young adults and is one of the main reasons the average age of first time home buyers is now 31 years old. There were plenty of smoke signals yesterday regarding Provident Funding Associates, LLC. as the broker herd was spooked. (There are several "Providents" around the nation, so the rumors may not have involved the well-known California wholesaler that bills itself as, "The Undisputed Price Leader since 1992", known to live...(read more)

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Thu, 30 Oct 2014 11:29:04 GMT
Jobless Claims, S&P lawsuit - MBS Day Ahead: Maybe GDP and Yellen can Move Markets

Posted To: MBS Commentary

GDP reports come in three flavors: advance, preliminary, and final. Today is the 'advance' reading for the 3rd quarter and hence the first look at Q3 GDP despite Q3 having been over for a full month. Because of its stale nature, the market impact of GDP is often questioned, but the advance has the most potential of the three. In addition to GDP there is other economic data, a Yellen speech, and the week's last Treasury auction. Maybe somewhere in the mix of these events, markets will find some justification for actual movement, because yesterday's FOMC Announcement didn't really cut it. Granted, we'd discussed the fact that the Announcement itself would be less interesting than the longer-term market reaction that can now begin, but even then, the lack of response yesterday...(read more)

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Wed, 29 Oct 2014 21:03:43 GMT
Jobless Claims, S&P lawsuit - MBS RECAP: Fed Reads From Known Script, but With Unexpected Gusto; Bonds Don't Care

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Nine times out of ten, any conversation about trading volume in bond markets is pointless and dangerous when it comes to considering potential mortgage rate movement. Reason being: some people assume that low volume means a move is less valid and then potentially feel like locking into weakness isn't a dire need. The best thing to keep in mind with respect to that is that markets can always move either direction tomorrow and today's volume hardly ever tells you anything about the chances. Here's what volume can tell us though. It can tell us how much markets cared about the movement they just made. This is a look at the past with no comment on the future. With that in mind, volume was surprisingly low in bond markets today. It was lower than yesterday, and what even happened yesterday...(read more)

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